funny, strange, peculiar

funny, strange, peculiar
Funny is much overused to mean "curious" and "odd" (I had a funny feeling that you would come here), but actually the word means "witty," "humorous," "droll," "absurd," "comical," "farcical," "ludicrous," or "laughable." Perhaps many of us find something amusing in that which is unusual or hard to understand. Strange means "curious," "extraordinary," and "unusual": "Fran's loud behavior at the party was strange because she is usually quiet and reserved." Approximate synonyms for strange are bizarre, abnormal, queer, and singular. Peculiar also means "uncommon" or "eccentric": "Your accent is most peculiar." Strange and peculiar can be used interchangeably in most situations, but when you use funny, ask yourself "Do I mean 'funny-peculiar' or funny-ha-ha'?"

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